Monday, November 4, 2019

3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Visibility

(3) Simple Tips To Improve Your Visibility

Do you need more eyeballs on your book?

Do you know the Methods of delivery to get your book noticed should be a part of your plan even before you finish your book?

Always remember you must see where you are going before you actually, get there.

1 Automate your information, products, and services
  •       Saves you time
  •         Helps reach your audience around the clock 24/7 - 365
  •         Brings in the sales

2 Live Broadcast –

  •         Makes it personal people want to see the real you
  •         Connect with your audience emotionally
  •         Your audience wants to identify with their expert the person who touched them with a solution to their problem at the exact moment of time.

3 Fresh Content -

  •      Your audience looks forward to receiving content to further their knowledge and get their projects completed
  •         Keeps your audience motivated, what if you suddenly stop providing actionable content?  Think about it.
  •         Once you’re out here you have a responsibility. You can’t stop because people are depending on you.

So, if you want to improve your visibility these are 3 tips to help you accomplish that.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why People Are Afraid To Succeed

Why People Are Afraid To Succeed?

Many people are suffering from a type of fear that hinders them from succeeding in their endeavors.  Although this can be the turning point in their life, this fear has caused people to stop right at the door of greatness.

You have come to a point in your writing where you are doing your thing, but when it comes to being visible there is a problem.  The fear you are facing is visibility.

This is a critical part that you must overcome because it is vital both to you and your audience.  Your audience is looking to connect with you.

I am going to highlight 3 ways the fear of visibility affects your success and gives you solutions to overcome them.

1)         Perfection

When its time to do a video, you worry about your hair, makeup, background, wardrobe and other things that are less important than your message.

Of course, these things are important because you want to be presentable.  What is more important that people see the real you.  

Your audience is trying to match your face to your voice or your writing.  Your audience is looking to identify with you.

Do everything to the best of your ability.  Level up to where you belong.

Some people who worry about perfection also know they are not giving their best.  Do your best.  Go from there.  Get started somewhere.

2)         Fear of Failure

Failure is a mindset.  So, if something did not come out the way you envisioned it, tweak it.  Adjust some things.  Realize there is always room for adjustments.

Replacing the word failure with adjustment allows your mind to expand.  Thinking that you failed halts or hinders you from ever getting started.

3)         People’s Opinions 
Focus on your ideal audience’s needs.  Concentrate on conveying your message and finding solutions to their pain points.

Plan on taking your ideal audience from the ground level up.  Concentrate on leading your audience from level to level pointing out nuggets along the way.

Remember, there are always people who know more than you and there are also people who know less than you.

It is as simple as that. It is not complicated.  When you apply these simple tips, you can move those mountains that are associated with the fear of visibility.

Friday, October 11, 2019

If You Aren't Writing You Aren't Selling

If You Aren't Writing You Aren't Selling

Design your story.  Why writing is important?  It gives you an opportunity to share your passion with the world. 

Many times, people go through life never once considering what they are taking for granted other people are searching for those answers to achieve a goal.

There are 7.7 billion people on the earth, and someone needs to hear your story. 

Have you ever considered just taking a moment to reflect on what you really enjoy doing, or what struggles you have come through trying to reach your goal?

Let us go even further.  Can writing be a form of therapy to release your mind from struggles that you are carrying around?  No one can tell your story as you can, because you have lived through it.

Everyone is filled with their own database of experiences.  There are no two stories that are exactly alike.  How an individual process those experiences makes it unique.

Take your passion and design your story.  Be authentic so people can connect with your message.  

What message are you willing to share with your audience to help them solve a problem or avoid a situation?  Make your message about them and how to guide them into a place of achievement.

Your message should give them quick results because people are living busy lives.  Many people cannot afford the time to do the research.

As an author place yourself into the lives of your audience as the expert who always has the answers to solve their problems.

Show up consistently and be visible because your audience is expecting you.